facet mapping

The VLO is the general facetted browser for all CMD records. CMD is a very flexible metadata format allowing for a wide variety of metadata structures. Thanks to semantic annotations the general services, like the VLO, can work on the semantic level to bypass the structural variety. This page shows the current mapping of structures via semantic annotations to the VLO facets and allows to check the results for a specific CMD profile.


The mapping shown/used is taken from GitHub, which should be (manually) in sync with the VLO in production!

This page implements the same logic used in the vlo_importer in XSLT, but as it isn't the same codebase there is a potential for discrepancies.

The facet mapping

The facetConcepts.xml couldn't be accessed! If this keeps on happening please contact: Menzo Windhouwer.

Check profile

Check mapping in a CMD profile

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ask a question?

Send an email to Menzo Windhouwer (CLARIN ERIC/Meertens Institute)


For any additional information feel free to contact:

 Menzo Windhouwer (CLARIN ERIC/Meertens Institute)

  1. also check the fallback pattern mapping
  2. also check the blacklist pattern mapping
Change log


  1. fixed ConceptLink matching, i.e., exclude matches on vocabulary items
  2. added facet anchors


  1. use the CMDI 1.2 version of the profile
  2. also handle attribute mapping
  3. styling


  1. updated info
  2. prepared move from MPI to CLARIN ERIC


  1. now also renders the blacklist XPath expression


  1. a cron job now updates the mapping SVN checkout every hour


  1. fixed finding of the context
  2. added profile link to the check result

[2013-10-09] Initial page